Office Furniture Liquidation Tips

  1. The furniture manufacturer: It’s just like a used car. A Mercedes is going to be worth more than a comparable Ford.
  2. Age of the cubicles: This does not always make a huge difference if the furniture is in very good condition. Although a 10-year-old cubicle in great condition will still have less value than a 5-year-old cubicle in the same condition.
  3. Colors and finishes: Quite simply, a pink cubicle is going to be worth a lot less than a nice gray earth tone color cubicle.
  4. Cubicle Sizes: When it comes to cubicles and modular furniture this is a very important factor. A 6x6 that is 48” tall is actually worth more than an 8x8 at 48” tall. Yes, the 8x8 is larger, but the secondary furniture market does not have a high demand for large cubicles currently. Typically, the smaller the cubicle, the better. 
  5. Logistics: Is there a loading dock? Are there elevators? Can we work during normal business hours or only after? Is union or non-union labor required? These are very important factors which will play into the cost and value of the cubicles.
  6. The quantity of items: The more cubicles and chairs there are the better, and the more consistency of the furniture items make the inventory more appealing. 

Mind you, these are just some basic factors that go into determining the value of a used office furniture inventory. If you are interested in office furniture liquidation, please let me know. Thanks!